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How Do We Watch Live Streaming ?

  • First, go to sporthduk schedule ( Live Now ) to see matches information.
  • In the sporthduk table, there are lots of live sports streaming schedules available, and choose the match that you want to watch. After you find it, you can watch live streaming by clicking the tv icon.
  • After that, you'll be redirected to the streaming match page as you choose before.
  • The stream will be on 15 - 30 minutes before kick-off
  • If you cannot find the match, you can search by typing the the name of Club, Nations Etc.

What Should We Do Before Watching Live Streaming ?

  • Make sure you have good and stable connection to get better quality and performance.
  • You can choose many servers tv in the live streaming if the one of them is getting lag or delayed.
  • Use any browser that you want and deactive Adblock for better experience
  • If TV servers are getting lag, just refresh the page and wait a moment and it will be online anymore.
  • Don't forget to share after the match started.


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